My Thoughts on Marriage

Posted on October 25, 2016

Marriage is more than love,
more than emotion,
more than feelings.

Marriage is pure and simple,
a commitment.

When the emotions are not there
the warm-fuzzies are absent-
the fact is - you are committed to your spouse.

The gifts, the occasional compliments,
the social appearances, the status or its symbols,
the words will not keep the marriage.

Marriages for the long haul are built 
brick by brick,
through good and bad,
tough and easy,
joy and pain
tears and laughter -
by encouraging one another
building up one another
listening to one another,
recognizing that men and women are
by nature - different - and 
being sensitive to that fact, and 
accommodating those different needs.

Also imperative is respect and acceptance.
Respect must be exhibited
silently and verbally
both at home and in public.

People have a strong need to be accepted-
especially by their spouse - 
unconditionally and completely.

Marriage is a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual
union of two individuals.
Each one of these areas must be fed and fulfilled.

It is the greatest institution created by God
as it represents the relationship of Christ
to His church - the People. ( Ephesians 5)
Jesus is the central force and motivation 
that can hold life and marriage together.

Make Jesus the center of your marriage & family and your lives will be fuller, richer, and complete.  

It will make an eternal difference in the lives that you two may touch. 

Sincerely in His love,
Martin H. Dupree

Originally written on My Parents 30th Anniversary when Angela & I were engaged